Bit by bit as my departure date sneaks closer I’m reminded of all the things I have yet to do. I have to go through all of my possessions and throw out anything I don’t need since, after all, I’ll be in Japan for possibly five years and cannot simply ship everything over. Second, I have to actually get to Japan. It would have been nice if I could’ve taken a direct flight to Sendai, but alas the plane tickets from Narita to Sendai are over $200 making it much cheaper (albeit still expensive) to go by bullet train. On top of that ANA only flies two flights a day to Sendai, both at inconvenient times for when I arrive in Tokyo at 7:15pm. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing since, like I said, the bullet train is cheaper. The only thing is the trains don’t run that late so I’ll have to stay a night at a hotel in Narita.

Again, not such a big deal but I’d rather get all the traveling done in one go. I’d like to send my luggage ahead of me to Sendai so I don’t have to carry it around busy train stations but as of right now I’m not sure where I’ll be staying in Sendai when I first arrive. I’m kind of nervous about the whole thing but I’ve traveled by myself before so I’m sure I’ll manage!


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